Launching and hauling crane

Service of launching and hauling boats at our port in Pacengo di Lazise

Open both to our temporary mooring customers and to occasional customers, this active service at the port of Pacengo di Lazise allows you to launch and sail safely your boat safely by experienced and competent staff.

The fixed jib crane has a nominal load capacity of 5 tons and is therefore suitable for lifting boats of large size and weight.

Why choose TRASMAR?

Safety first

Safety first. All our vehicles and facilities are in accordance with the law and equipped with the required equipment. All our employees have completed the courses required by the legislation.

Customer care

For us, you are at the center! For this we provide response services in the shortest possible time, possibility to make an appointment for your launch/ haulage and reprogram it free of charge, no prepayment and maximum flexibility with respect to the needs of the individual customer.

Maximum transparency

We guarantee the service only if we are sure that our tools and the competence of the crane operator are suitable for the type of operation to be performed. If not, we will be at your disposal to help you locate another operator who can provide you with the service.


The prices of the service of launching and hauling with cranes vary depending on the type of vehicle (jet skis, speedboat, dinghy, cabin) and the length of the same.

Launching or Hauling

Motorboat or Jetski up to 4m30€
Motorboat up to 5m40€
Cabin cruiser up to 5m50€
Dinghy up to 6m40€
Motorboat up to 6m50€
Cabin cruiser up to 6m60€
Dinghy up to 7m50€
Motorboat up to 7m60€
Cabin cruiser up to 7mt70€
Dinghy up to 8mt60€
Motorboat up to 8m80€
Cabin cruiser up to 8m90€
DInghy up to 9mt80€
Motorboat up to 9m100€
Cabin cruiser up to 9m120€
DInghy up to 10mt100€
Motorboat up to 10m120€
Cabin cruiser up to 10m140€

Same-day launching and hauling*

Motorboat or Jetski up to 4m55€
Motorboat up to 5m75€
Cabin cruiser up to 5m95€
Dinghy up to 6m75€
Motorboat up to 6m95€
Cabin cruiser up to 6m110€
Dinghy up to 7m90€
Motorboat up to 7m110€
Cabin cruiser up to 7mt130€
Dinghy up to 8mt110€
Motorboat up to 8m150€
Cabin cruiser up to 8m170€

*Prices only valid for the months of: April, May and September.


Motorboat or Jetski up to 4m270€
Motorboat up to 5m350€
Cabin cruiser up to 5m450€
Dinghy up to 6m350€
Motorboat up to 6m450€
Cabin cruiser up to 6m540€
Dinghy up to 7m450€
Motorboat up to 7m540€
Cabin cruiser up to 7mt630€
Dinghy up to 8mt540€
Motorboat up to 8m720€
Cabin cruiser up to 8m810€

** Subscription valid until December of the same year.

Additional services:

Out-of-hours call: +€20 – Trolleys with longitudinal brackets: +€10 – Sail mast: +€20 Out-of-hours call: +€20 – Trolleys with longitudinal brackets: +€10 – Sail mast: +€20

*See crane regulations by clicking here.

Starting from 2024, prices will increase by 10%. Regulation may also vary.

How to get there

The port is located in Via Porto at Pacengo in the municipality of Lazise (Vr). Click here to open the map on your device.

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